Magic Silicone sponge

SEK 49,00

Your kitchen will experience a change! With 5000 microbrushes, this multifunctional Magic Sponge will make washing feel as easy as ever! Not only does it magically clean your dishes, but this flexible silicone brush can also be used on many other surfaces such as your pots and pans. It is guaranteed to be safe to use on non-stick cookware and all other kitchen surfaces.

You can also use this silicone brush to wash fruits and vegetables, and also as a perfect heat-proof pillow or mitt if needed, because of its resistance to high temperatures!

This Magic Silicone Sponge does not absorb water and therefore dries much faster than your usual smelly kitchen sponge, so it is not filled with bacteria that are harmful to your family's health. Because it is so resistant to bacteria and mold, you can be sure that it is the best choice for your home!

• Caution, do not sand the surface. Suitable for sensitive skin.
•Versatile. Bends, stretches, etc. It easily adapts to your needs.
• Heat-resistant, non-slip handle
•Dishwasher safe